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ASSESSING TINUBU: ADC Slams President’s One-Year Performance

by Silverbird News24

The African Democratic Congress has criticized the one-year administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, with the party’s national chairman, Ralph Nwosu, describing it as dramatic and full of flip flops. According to Nwosu, the president’s failure to listen to the people has led to his poor performance, citing the increase in fuel price by 400% as an example of an irresponsible policy decision.

Mr. Nwosu made these comments during the opening of a retreat for ADC executives on Monday in Abuja, where he emphasized the importance of listening to the people and understanding their needs. He said the party will be holding similar gatherings across the country to hear from Nigerians and develop policies based on their feedback.

Former presidential hopeful and ADC Board of Trustees member, Chukwuka Monye, also spoke at the event, highlighting the need to address voter apathy and encourage disillusioned voters to re-engage with the political process. He emphasized that ADC wants to do things differently by listening to Nigerians and developing practical solutions to their problems.

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