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Can Joshua Fight Wilder?

by Silverbird News24

Yes of course, Anthony Joshua can fight Deontay Wilder and may also win.
However his chances of losing are high going by his recent performances against Oleksandr Usyk and Jermaine Franklin.
But Joshua can win if he raises his game against Wilder, a lesser tactical but very athletic boxer.

Wilder’s right hand will put Joshua to sleep easily. This does not mean that Wilder is invisible too.
A good uppercut from Joshua can turn Wilder’s chin and with two more combination, the American may not be able to respond against the Brit.

Twice I have seen Wilder against Luis Ortiz in which the southpaw nearly knocked him out. I have also seen him thrice against Tyson Fury in which he lost two and had one draw .
In the five fights, Wilder lacked tactics but power. He was losing on the judges’ scorecards against Ortiz until he was able to hit the sledge hammer. Gbummm, Ortiz slept.

He was also losing against Fury in their first fight but his right hand knocked down Fury twice but the Brit came back to complete the show that ended in a draw.

In their trilogy, Wilder’s power was so visible but Fury’s ring IQ and strength could not be overemphasised. The Brit overpowered Wilder to win the WBC and also defend it.
As Joshua prepares to go to Saudi against Wilder, the Brit is seen more as the underdog by many boxing enthusiasts but to his promoter, Eddie Hearn, Joshua has a chance.

He says anybody who thinks Joshua is an underdog in the fight is mad. I don’t think they are mad, they are only looking at the Joshua’s mind now.

Is Joshua ready to go to the slaughter house with the most dangerous boxer in this era? Has he prepared his mind that he would be hit and must rise to fight on and win like he did against Wladimir Klitschko?
Will he not quit as he did against Andy Ruiz Jr after the Mexican had hit his temple?

Joshua today is gun-shy and for him to come out victorious against a Wilder, he must be ready for war.
No doubt, Joshua is a fine boxer but he must drop all the “Paparazzi” if he must fight Wilder. He must be a fighter not a boxer against a ferocious fighter like Wilder.

No boxer has ever defeated Wilder but a fighter. I was reading a piece where Joshua said that nobody cares about his health and that boxing is about hitting your opponent without being getting hit.
Of course he may be right going by what his new coach had whispered to him, it is a No, no, no for me. It is time for Joshua to develop good chin and ready to take blow and also give blow.

A champion is the one that goes down and rise to win a match not the one that goes down and quit.
If Joshua is thinking about his future after boxing, then he should quit now and go for modelling or acting and leave the stage for men who want to fight.

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