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Death of Lies And Time To Heal The “Obidients”

by Silverbird News24

It is always difficult to nurse a lie to adult, it will produce a deformed truth. This is not the time for the fans of the All Progressives Congress to gloat over their victory but the time to help the losers who had bet their lives on winning the presidential election.

When you sponsored lies to demarket your opponents and such lies moved a distance but failed to produce results, there is no way depression will not set in.

Those who supported Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu were the ones that first felt the shame but they tolerated it all and came out of it. They did not allow the sponsored abuse, vulgar languages, ridicule, innuendos, mockery, curses, blackmails and all those fake news and skits to depress them.

They saw it all from liars, skit makers, bloggers and fake story tellers that Tinubu was sick, that he was a thief, that he would soon die. The Obidient pastors prophesied; their professors came up with emergency research, their professionals produced opinion polls but non of these led APC fans to depression.

When the Central Bank came up with Naira redesign and a sudden fuel scarcity crept in, the Obidients jubilated but Batists fought to stop the bad policies at the law court.

The Batists did not allow the Godwin Emefiele’s plots to depress them, rather they approached the court to file their case and they won. They never hit the roads to protest and they never fell sick, they raised a stronger spirits to fight Mefi’s bad policy. They knew their onions. They kept their eyes on the balls and they won the election in style.

Fake news failed the Obidients, their expectations were never met and instead of them to drop the old ideas and toe the right path of the law, they began to quickly cook new lies. “The election was rigged; we don’t trust the judiciary; we don’t trust the INEC; we don’t even trust the country; we don’t trust the government; give us interim government.’ Those were their words.

They were never democratic in nature. They came into the election to muscle themselves into the seat not to win and now that the country had produced a president-elect that is out of their game plan, they seek war to end it.
What is depression? It is the feeling of severe despondency and rejection and what is despondency? It is a low spirit from loss of hope or courage.

At present, this is what an average obidient is passing through; a loss of hope and courage to fight on to reclaim a mandate they said was stolen from them.

It is quite unfortunate that many of those who claim to be Obidients do not know the difference between INEC BVAS and IREV. To them, the inability of the INEC to load the results immediately is proportional to rigging.

But when their principal learnt the truth, he filed a drug related case against Tinubu instead of the alleged fraud election results and because his case is weak and lacking the merits, his supporters knew that it will soon be dismissed.

There is no way depression will not set in as it was shown by the Labour Party presidential running mate, Baba Ahmed Datti on Channels Television, calling on the government not to swear-in the president-elect otherwise it would be an end to democracy in Nigeria.

For going that far, the television was fined N5 million by the National Broadcasting Commission. The Obidients are wounded, no doubt as it had also shown by a man who held an Abuja-Lagos flight down for one hour, chanting that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu must not be sworn-in.

These instances are good example of people who had lost hope and courage to fight on. They need help instead of humiliation.

King David says, “How are the mighty falling and weapons of war perished? The Obidients weapon of war is lie and it has fallen.
Yes, King Saul suffered depression in the midst of the war. He knew he would not survive it. He knew that David would definitely be crowned king of Israel, he slept on his own sword and gave up the ghost.

The Obidients may hate Tinubu, they should know and agree with the season that he had since been elected by the majority, over eight million Nigerians. Saul never wanted David but God chose the son of Jesse.

The Obidients’ new idea of playing the victim cards cannot work as it will only expose their desperation as that of an Eze, Ndigbo, Frederic Nwajagu of Ajao Estate in Lagos who said he would invite IPOB to cause problem in Lagos because Labour Party did not win the governorship election in the state.

He is presently cooling his feet at the DSS custody. In Lagos, you don’t threaten the peace of the residents. Lagos is not Anambra State where IPOB competes with government and declares stay at home order on Mondays. God forbid, it will not happen in Lagos and the government will not even allow allow the idea to breathe.

Tinubu has extended his hands of friendship to the aggrieved ones. In his acceptance speech after his declaration as the president-elect by INEC, he called for healing. He wants the healing process to begin. He called on all the oppositions to support his government, adding that he would run an administration of national competence.

But to the Obidients, depression had set in. They will need our prayers to come out of this silent killer and join the moving train of the progressives.
By Kunle Awosiyan

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