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Fury Clash With Joshua, A Daunting Task

by Silverbird News24

I have tried to form a positive opinion for Anthony Joshua in his possible clash with WBC belt holder , Tyson Fury, it has been a difficult task for me.

Fury had sent a draft of contract proposing a fight against Joshua in September. It may not happen soon.
My thoughts do not favour Joshua at all while the analyses of boxing greats, George Foreman and Mike Tyson have added to my headache.

I want to believe that these two former champions are not coming from the sides of emotion. They still have some soft words for Joshua.

Their arguments that the only boxer that can beat Fury now is Joshua is disturbing. Foreman said in a podcast that Joshua has got the punch that can fall Fury.

Tyson also said that Joshua punches harder than former WBC champion, Deontay Wilder and can beat Fury if he can land those punches.

To Tyson, Wilder could not beat Fury because most of his punches could not hit the Briton. However, for Joshua who is more shrewd and can combine his punches well, Fury should not stand in front of him as he did against Wilder.

These are the opinions of the experts, which for me sound pedestrian and lacking the balance assessment in the styles and stamina of the two boxers.

Fury has stamina more than Joshua; he has size more than Joshua; he has reach more than Joshua; he is mobile more than Joshua; he is more adventurous than Joshua and has got swagger more than Joshua.
No doubt Joshua is a more skillful boxer, a harder puncher but he gases out easily. He is not adventurous and he is daily losing interest in the game. His shortcomings clearly outweigh his positives, making it so difficult to outsmart a boxer of Fury’s class.
Joshua fighting Fury is like battling a heavier Oleksandr Usyk, which for me will be more devastating for the British-Nigerian pugilist.
There are so many similar features between Usyk and Fury. The two are very mobile, tactical and audacious even though the Ukranian is not a natural heavyweight, he has shown that he can compete favourably. However, where Usyk has lacked the punching power, Fury has it in multiple and can go 12 rounds without gasping for air.

So, cracking my brain to encourage a Joshua is a daunting task. He should not fight Fury now but Wilder.

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