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Lagos Clamps Down On Traders Along Rail Line

by Silverbird News24

The Lagos State Taskforce has reiterated its commitment in ensuring the safety and well-being of Lagosians while entrenching sanity and ordeliness across the metropolis by clearing of railway tracks across the state and rid them of traders who constatantly display their wares at the detriment of their safety and that of other passengers along the track.

This planned programme of action was made known to the public by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye at the Headquarters in Bolade, Oshodi where he stated that it was high time the Taskforce took procative steps in forestalling any avoidable accidents along the railway corridors that could lead to loss of lives and property.

Jejeloye decried the non challant manner in which street traders and road side sellers flagrantly display their goods along the railway corridors thereby risking their lives and that of the passengers on trains who are greatly affected in the event of a derailment as a result of the obstacles placed on the tracks by these traders.

“Its high time we put a stop to these selfish actions by roadside sellers who display their goods right on the rail tracks. It is dangerous, unsafe and unnecessary due to the fact that some of these obstacles obstruct the smooth movement of trains along those corridors
and could ultimately lead to derailment. We frown at it completely and we will put at end to it in the coming days”

The Chairman further sounded a note of warning to those who are in the habit of carrying out acts that could lead to accidents across the rail tracks to be weary of their actions as it could lead to arrest and prosecution. He made mention of the train accident experienced a few weeks ago in the State and vowed to do all it takes to prevent any further occurences of such in the future.

“Accidents dont just happen, they are caused by one or two errors that could have been avoided. The rail accident that occurred around PWD was avoidable but unfortunately, it led to loss of lives. This is the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that such does not repeat itself. We will prosecute anyone without any legitimate business on the rail tracks henceforth”

Jejeloye urged Lagosians to send in their tips and information that could aid the activities of the Agency in ensuring that sanity is maintained across board. He urged them to make use of social media channels or visit the Headquarters of the Agency with their vital information that could help stamp out irregularities in the State and maintain the safe, serene and habitable ambience which the State is known for.


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