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NABDA urges farmers to adopt GMOs to improve food production

by Kunle Awosiyan

National Biotechnology Development Agency is urging farmers across the Nation to embrace genetically modified crops to improve food production.

Director general of the Agency, Abdullahi Suleiman made the call over the weekend in Abuja.

Nigeria’s population is projected to increase to two hundred and sixty three million in 2030 and four hundred and one million in 2050 when it will become the third most populous country in the world.

One of the fears with the rapid growth in population is food security especially with the dwindling economy.

National Biotechnology Development Agency believes these fear would be unfounded if Nigeria could feed its citizens if all farmers adopt genetically modified crops.

But how does one wade through the many stereotypes about the safety of genetically modified organisms for human and animal use?

Also speaking at the event is the Country Director of OFAB who believes Nigeria can become a hub for food if the Nation invests appropriately in agriculture.

With the constantly growing population of Nigeria, federal government and stakeholders in the agricultural sector must jointly invest on food security to protect the nation from abject poverty.

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