Home News Maritime defence: Nigerian Navy launches new warship

Maritime defence: Nigerian Navy launches new warship

by Kunle Awosiyan

The Nigerian Navy has launched a new LANDING SHIP TANK (LST) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to replace the first set of LANDING SHIP TANK, NNS AMBE and NNS OFIOM which have been decommissioned.

The Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo says when commissioned into the Nigerian Navy fleet, the LST will bolster sealift capability notably the transportation of troops, military hardware and vehicles in the conduct of maritime security operations.

The New LANDING SHIP TANK has a length of 100.08 meters and is powered by 2 engines and four c-18 generators. with an endurance of 15 days at 15 knots. The new vessel can accommodate more than 450 persons in the upper and lower decks in short trips in the event of any evacuation missions.


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