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Health: CSO Wants Significant Budget For Adolescent, Others

by Kunle Awosiyan

Federal and state governments must create a budget line for the health needs of adolescent and young in order to improve access to health care delivery,  Civil Society Organisation has said.

The National Assembly is also being prompted to make funding available for Family Planning Services in the Twenty Twenty Two health budget through supplementary appropriation.

The United Nations projects that about forty three percent of the Nigerian population comprise children between age zero to fourteen years, nineteen percent age fifteen to twenty four years and about sixty two percent are below age twenty five years.

This indicates that more than half of the entire population are below the age of twenty four, therefore majority are youths.

Going by the 2020 budget, only zero point two of the four hundred and seven billion naira allocated for health was meant to cater for the health care of this population.

Meanwhile, young people are seen as the highest victims of several diseases such as COVID-19, HIV, Tuberculosis amongst others.

This is why this expert is calling for an appropriate and significant budget allocation for this class of citizens.

There is also an appeal to the National Assembly to make funding available for family planning services come 2022.

The CSO also urge federal government to reactivate all non functioning primary health care centres across communities for better access to health care delivery.

It is important for federal government to pay attention to the health of it’s young people as they remains the hope of the Nation.

Federal Government should therefore ensure immediate revitalization of all primary health care facilities across the country.

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