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AfDB Adesina Advocates For Youths at Silverbird Man of The Year Awards

by Kunle Awosiyan

Winner of the year 2021 Silverbird Extraordinary Man of the Year Award who is also the Chief Executive of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina has advocated for youths involvment in the economy and politics of Nigeria and Africa.

He said this in his speech during the awards ceremony, adding that he is a proud Nigerian who is ready to live and die as Nigerian.

He stated that the biggest asset of Nigeria is Nigerian youths and that the future of the country must rest on the shoulders of the youths.  “Nigerian youths are smart and entrepreneurial. Give them the chance and see how they will excel.”

Citing the performance of the Nigeria Atlanta Olympic team as a way to measure Nigerian youths, Adesina urged the country to allow the youths to move the nation.

He noted that the spirit of love and energy still reside in the minds of Nigeria youths and now it is time to encourage the youths to scale the hurdles.

‘I trust Nigerian youths and that is why AfDB has released about $170 million to Nigeria to develop digital technology in Nigeria. Again the bank will be establishing what we call the Youth Entrepreneurship Bank to finance the business venture of the youths.

“The spirit of our youth must rise across the country. Nigeria will rise if the youths are allowed to rise. He said that the greatness of Africa will depend on the greatness of Nigeria and that the country will become like a city on a hill that cannot be ignored. Let us unite and write a new history and become extra ordinary nation, extra ordinary continent and extra ordinary people,” he said.


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