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Ogun PDP ; renewed rivalry threatens party’s political fortunes

by Kunle Awosiyan

Infighting in Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Ogun state seems to be taking another dimension as a group in late Senator Buruji Kashamu’s camp and Oladipupo Adebutu-led group have renewed rivalry . At the centre of the controversy is the allocation of state executive positions.

Ogun PDP is one party with many factions resulting from struggle for party leadership and structure.

The crisis in the party used to be between late Buruji Kashamu and Ladi Adebutu. Due to Kashamu’s death, his camp broke into three groups; one of the factions has joined the ruling APC government in the state.

In april 2021, the factions reunited following the intervention of the Bukola-Saraki-led national reconciliation and strategy committee and domestic efforts; but now, the rivalry is far from being over.

July 24 local council election in the state and fresh agitation for positions triggered another infighting.

But for some stakeholders, there is a need for the party to put aside the infighting for it to remain formidable for the political battles ahead in the state.

To this end stakeholders within the party say, reconciliation process must continue; this they say will assist the party to draft a blueprints that will endear the publics to PDP again in Ogun state.


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