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Count down to white house: Trump, Biden consider China as enemy

by Kunle Awosiyan
Joe Biden

A week gone by and the candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties set the tone for optimism or despair with their 4th of July speeches-but it depends on what side of the divide you fall.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden consider China as the most potent enemy of the United States but President Trump sees other enemies; anarchists, communists, fascists among his countrymen and women.

On the other side of the prism Joe Biden talks about a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism and a chance to live up to the words that founded this nation.

But it’s not just race relations bothering African Americans nearly 90 percent of them in surveys conducted are deeply concerned about how the Corona virus is adversely impacting their jobs and access to healthcare.

It’s 116 days to the US Presidential and welcome to countdown to the white house, I am Aghogho Oboh , together with Angelle Kwemo in Douala Cameroun, we ‘d be asking the important questions.

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