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Viral Video: I Was Beaten And Bruised, Victim of Police Brutality, Ogolo, Narrates Ordeal

by Silverbird News24

Franklin Ogolo, one of the assaulted persons, by policemen in Port Harcourt, Rivers State has given vivid account of what led to his being beaten by the cop.

A viral video has exposed the police brutality while the state Commissioner of police had since ordered the arrest of the three cops involved.

According to Ogolo who appeared on News Hub, a programme of Silverbird News24, on Thursday the three police officers beat three members of his team without any reason.

He said, “We are a church travelling from Bayelsa State to Port Harcourt for our annual youth convention. On getting to Omuoha axis, we were stopped by a team of armed men who asked us to produce our vehicle documents. One of our members who is the owner of the vehicle handed over the documents to them. They checked and asked why he had not done change of name since he just bought the car from a third party.

Our brothers was asked to call the seller on phone, which he did and the police officers spoke and even thanked the seller for providing the details.

However, the situation changed after the phone conversation, the police officer refused to return the documents and would not provide any reason for withholding it.

“It was at this juncture I went to one of them who looked more like a senior officer. I greeted him honourably and asked him to help us plead with his colleague to release our documents. He pretended as if he did not hear me. One of our sisters also came out of the car to also plead but instead of the officer to listen, he hit the woman on the chest”, Ogolo said.

Ogolo explained that because he asked the police officer not to touch the woman again, the cop turned a gun at him and corked it ready to shoot.

‘He slapped me, pushed me on the ground and beat me with the plank in his hand. Another police officer was also beating one of our members at the order side of the road. We don’t know our offence,” he said.

Ogolo said that he was ill before the faithful day and only managed to join other members for the trip.

“Presently the punishment has aggravated my pains, I have bruises on my laps, arms and my belle,’.

Asked if he had been contacted by the police authorities, he said yes that he would be having a meeting with the state Commissioner of police later on Thursday.

He also said that the lady that was assaulted had not been in in good condition. “She was embarrassed and she is yet to get over the shock”, Ogolo stated.

He said that he would be seeking legal redress and would be happy if the policemen could be relieved of their job.

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