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Whatever Tinubu Does Now Must Concern Us- Bode George

by Silverbird News24

Peoples Democratic Party’s chieftain, Olabode George has said that whatever President Tinubu does now should concern every Nigerian.

He said on STV leadership series that after one year of Tinubu’s administration in which there is no improvement in the economy, Nigerians must begin to ask questions.

George states that there is clear evidence of hunger and anger boldly written on the faces of Nigerians across tribes and ethnic groups, saying that those running the economy have not shown competence.

As he put it, “President Tinubu’s economy team has not shown that they can do this job. We have seen Tinubu in one year and we could say it was a learning curve because he has not held any position at that level before. However, after one year, whatever he does now must concern us.’

The PDP stalwart bemoaned the policy of Foreign Exchange, the high level of insecurity in the country and the bad economy that had subjected many Nigerians into hunger.

George called for state police as one of the ways to address the current insecurity, saying that the idea of every state government running to Abuja to share national came is obsolete.

“federalism thrives on equality, fairness, and justice. These values ensure a balanced and united nation.” This is the opinion of Bode Goerge who participated in STV ongoing leadership series.

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