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Children Among Dead After Palestinian Hit In Gaza

by Silverbird News24

Children among dead after Palestinian convoy hit while fleeing northern Gaza

Reports first emerged yesterday evening of a strike on a convoy of vehicles heading towards southern Gaza. Videos showing the carnage at the scene emerged shortly afterwards.

BBC Verify has confirmed the strike occurred on Salah-al-Din street; one of two evacuation routes from north Gaza to the south.

The road was full of traffic all day yesterday as Gazans based in the north adhered to Israeli warnings to vacate the area.

At least 12 dead bodies are visible in the footage, mostly women and children – some of whom appear to be as young as two to five years old. The positioning of shadows in the video suggests it was filmed at around 17:30 local time.

Most are seen lying on the back of flatbed truck – others are scattered around the road. Other damaged vehicles also litter the area.

The Palestinian Health Ministry says 70 people were killed at the scene, and blame Israel for the attack.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) says it is investigating but said its enemies are trying to prevent civilians leaving the north.

BBC Verify will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates.


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