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Lagos Enrolls 923,000 Residents In Ilera Eko Health Insurance Scheme

by Silverbird News24


Lagos State Government proudly announces the enrollment of approximately 923,000 residents into the Lagos State health insurance scheme, popularly known as Ilera-Eko, since its inception.

Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA), Dr. Emmanuella Zamba revealed this milestone following an awareness and sensitization walk held in commemoration of the Y2023 Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day in Alausa-Ikeja. Dr. Zamba highlighted the expansion of the Ilera Eko scheme, increasing the coverage of health facilities from 57 to 448 hospitals across the state.

“At LASHMA, through Ilera-Eko, we’ve covered 923,000 Lagos residents to date, aiming to encompass our entire target demographic. Our network has grown from 57 to 448 healthcare facilities across the state, ensuring comprehensive coverage in every local government or LCDA,” Dr. Zamba stated.

Dr. Zamba further explained that the Universal Health Coverage Day, designated by the World Health Organization (WHO), emphasizes the necessity for a robust healthcare system, guaranteeing accessible, high-quality, and affordable healthcare services for all residents. “The theme, “Health for all: Time For Action,” aligns with the current administration’s commitment to ensuring equitable healthcare delivery in the state”, she said.

“December 12th, annually observed as Universal Health Coverage Day by WHO, underscores the importance of ensuring equitable access to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone to live fulfilling lives,” she emphasized.

The Permanent Secretary reiterated the administration’s dedication to the Health and Environment mandate of the THEMES PLUS agenda. Efforts will persist in extending Ilera Eko’s coverage to all residents, especially within the informal sector, as part of advancing the universal health coverage agenda.

Highlighting the role of Health insurance in raising health awareness and establishing a cost-effective healthcare system, Dr. Zamba urged all residents to enrol in the state health insurance scheme. She emphasized the affordability of the Ilera Eko Health Insurance package at 8,500 Naira per individual and 40,000 Naira for a family of four children under 23 years old.

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