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LeBron James Wants To End Career at Los Angeles Lakers

by Silverbird News24

In the wake of a head-turning report that the Golden State Warriors looked into acquiring him at the trade deadline, LeBron James said on February 18 that he hopes to finish his playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers sat in ninth place in the Western Conference at 30-26 when the National Basketball Association (NBA) reached its All-Star Weekend. They have won one championship during James’ time with the team, and they reached the Western Conference finals in 2023, but it is unclear how much longer they can be a contender.

James appeared less than pleased with the team when he posted an hourglass emoji to social media before the trade deadline. But before Feb 18’s All-Star Game in Indianapolis, James said he is “very happy” in Los Angeles.

James also has a player option to stay with the Lakers next season. He could decline the option and become a free agent; he said earlier this month he has not made up his mind about what he will do.

As for the immediate future, James said he will not play the entire game in Indianapolis – which will mark his record-breaking 20th career All-Star Game – as he nurses a left ankle injury.

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