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Test Your Popularity, Okun Indigenes Tell Senator Adeyemi

by Silverbird News24

The people of Kogi West have called on well meaning sons and daughters of the senatorial district to take a second look at the recent activities of Senator Smart Adeyemi, and realise that he desperately needs their help to overcome the fear of the unknown, which they said had allegedly made him to start exhibiting what they described as “severe signs of depression”.

The Kogi West leaders, in a statement in reaction to Adeyemi’s Channels TV interview on Wednesday, said his utterances were totally devoid of logic, especially as regards a state “where he has absolutely no followership.”

The statement, signed on behalf of over 4,000 Okun indigenes, across all wards, by the Coordinator, Kogi Collective Interest Group, Abdul-Ganiyu Yusuf, challenged Adeyemi, who represented Kogi West Senatorial District in the 9th Assembly, to go to his ward to demonstrate his popularity to Nigerians, insisting that he would be booed as a result of non-performance while in office.

Yusuf, a High Chief from Ife-Olukotun, Yagba East Local Government, blamed Governor Yahaya Bello for “dashing him (Adeyemi) a third term”, saying all Kogi West people were united in their determination not to allow the former Senator get the third term ticket but for the plea by the Governor on his behalf.

The indigenes called on Adeyemi’s family members “not to watch him grieve alone as he has started showing dangerous signs of depression.”

“How can a man in his right frame of mind begin to hop from one TV station to the other, desperately, to say unfounded things about a matter that is already before the Supreme Court? Both the High and Appeal Courts have crushed his case. And any one who was in court on the day of the Supreme Court hearing already knows this man is completely unserious.

“He has absolutely no base in his hometown or state. He is begging to appear on TV stations desperately as if his life depends on it. Unfortunately, those that he is trying to seek their help know that he drinks palm wine and breaks the keg like his colleagues in the media have described him.

“Serious politicians are on the field aligning with one political party or the other and doing meaningful things with their time. Even as a Senator, he was a complete failure. He is the only orphan in the mix now. So, one should understand his grief and pity him, sincerely, instead of getting angry with a confused, battered, expired politician who, in the process of seeking to save a drowning image, is inadvertently committing political suicide.

“Please tell Smart Adeyemi to go home and show Nigerians his supporters and stop making a fool of himself on TV. The politicians we have at the top in Nigeria, as well as our indefatigable judges cannot be swayed by unintelligent serial betrayers and blackmailers. They know them when they see them and they can decode the signs of severe depression,” they stated.

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